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Cattelan Palmer Consulting provides public sector, private sector, and non-profit organizations with solutions to make workplaces better and healthier.

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VIDEO: Lisa Anna Palmer Helps High Performers Transform into Great Leaders

Cattelan Palmer Consulting offers services such as coaching and expert advice, motivational speaking, and consulting. We also write about leadership to spread the message on how to make the world a better workplace.

Through her work and her extensive research gathered in over 25 years, the owner, Lisa Anna Palmer, has observed that there is a leadership gap that is at the root of workplace suffering.

This gap manifests at the individual level, with people accepting promotions without clarity about whether formal leadership is the right fit for them. In addition, there is a gap at the organizational level: there are far too many people occupying formal leadership roles who are not well equipped to connect at the human level.  

This affects employee engagement, morale, and productivity.

It’s no wonder then, that according to the Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report (2017), only 15% of workers are engaged at work. That means that 85% of people experience varying levels of disengagement, which in turn leads to lowered morale and productivity. Surely, as a collective, we can do better than that for our current and future generation of leaders and workers.

We can help!

As Principal and Owner, Lisa Anna Palmer helps organizations to drive engagement results and productivity through customized programs that fit the needs of your organization. Lisa has a wide network of talented professionals and brings in highly specialized experts to collaborate on the larger projects.

Lisa’s leadership and career advancement niche include your high performers that are one or two levels below manager, all the way to directors with less than five years of experience in the role.

Partial Client List

  • Canadian Commercial Corporation
  • Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
  • Treasury Board Secretariat
  • Elections Canada
  • Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Transport Canada
  • National Research Council
  • The Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • Industry Canada
  • Public Safety Canada
  • Health Canada
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
  • The Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages
  • Canadian Union of Public Employees
  • The Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre
  • Byward Chiropractic
  • The Ottawa Fertility Centre
  • World Skills Employment Centre

If you want to build your organization’s leadership capacity and boost workplace health and engagement levels, book a discovery session with Lisa to explore how she and her collaborators. They can help you to transform your high performers into Great People Leaders©.

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