Meet Lisa Anna Palmer

Lisa Anna Palmer is a passionate Leadership and Career Advancement specialist. She is doing her part to make the world a better workplace as a coach, consultant, author and speaker.

Lisa helps senior executives and Human Resources professionals to make their workplaces better by boosting the leadership capacity of their organization. She does this by working with employees who are high performers to help them transform into great people leaders while they stay true to themselves.

Why high performers?

They are the ones who are most likely to get promoted into formal leadership roles. Therefore, Lisa focuses on high performers to help them shift their mindset and grow their competencies so that they can transform into Great People Leaders©

Lisa is the Principal and Owner of Cattelan Palmer Consulting and the Founder of the Light Your Leadership Brand Institute. She is a trusted advisor for leaders at all levels, from team leader to CEO. Lisa has over twenty-five years of experience within senior Human Resources and Organizational roles. As a result, Lisa has tapped into the wisdom of what sets Great Leaders apart: Their ability to connect at the human level. This is the secret for leaders to inspire and engage employees and colleagues to do their very best.

Lisa has developed the Light Your Leadership Brand© approach based on The 3 C’s of Connection: Compassion, Courage, and Competence, and The 8 P’s of Ignition: Profundity, Passion, Purpose, Perseverance, Professionalism, Play, Philanthropy, and Prosperity.

She delivers her message and her approach through coaching, consulting, motivational speaking, and training.

Lisa's credentials include:

  • B.A. Psychology
  • ProActive Certified Coach
  • Certified Expert Speaker
  • Certified Passion Test® Facilitator
  • Certified Cross-Cultural Change Facilitator
  • Fluently Trilingual: English, French, Italian

In addition to running her own business, Lisa is a member of the Advisory Board for, which helps students to navigate the career landscape and attain their career choices.

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ProActive Certified Coach
Certified Passion Test Facilitator
Certified Expert Speaker
Cross Cultural Change