3 Common Mistakes Job Seekers Make

1. Unclear personal brand
2. Avoid networking
3. Outdated job search tools and strategies

How to avoid them:

1. Clearly define and communicate what you have to offer to prospective employers (including your passion, interests, talents, experience, professional image, networks, etc.) and practice answering the “What do you do?” question calmly and confidently.

2. Learn strategies to help you network more effectively and with ease. Maximize use of social media tools to stay connected (it’s not necessarily “Who you know,” but “Who you get to know!”). Don’t wait until you “need” a job to begin networking. Building a solid network of contacts takes time and commitment. What are you waiting for? (Here is an article which provides some useful networking tips: http://bit.ly/OdVUQP)

3. Freshen up your general resume, cover letter, and interview skills. Learn how to target these and adapt to every job for which you apply. Keep up with latest trends in your field of expertise.

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