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Helping high performers to transform into great people leaders. 


Organizations tend to reward high performers such as subject matter experts, IT specialists, Finance Professionals, Policy Analysts, Scientists, and other ‘Go to’ people with promotions.

This might sound like a good plan on the surface. However, if your organization promotes high performers without the proper leadership support and mentorship, it can actually hurt them. Further, it can also harm their team, lower morale and have a negative impact on productivity.

High Performers spend a great deal of time, energy, and resources to master their professional and technical skills. In contrast, they may not even give a second thought to the need for developing their leadership competencies. Yet, growing their ability to lead will prepare your high performers to succeed in their most challenging role: To be great People Leaders.

Lisa Anna Palmer and Cattelan Palmer Consulting can help.

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If you are a high performer, you deserve to get ahead based on your own merit without having play games or to become mean. Lisa can help you to advance your career while staying true to yourself.

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Lisa helps organizations to drive engagement results and productivity through customized programs delivered through coaching, workshops, consulting and training.

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An expert on leadership and self-leadership, Lisa Anna Palmer is a motivational speaker and a trainer with a passion for inspiring high performers and new managers to advance their careers.

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